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Air Max 90 Running Shoes.According to a report by WWD, this “makes the shoe more lightweight and flexible, while maintaining durability, which is crucial in building a shoe that maintains air pressure.”The soles will be made in one of the always-open Nike Air manufacturing innovation centers. But before this, while designing and testing the shoe, Nike used 3-D modeling and simulations to find potential problem areas.John Hoke, vice president of Nike Global Design, called the new design an “inflection point.”“Data-enriched design is here, but data doesn’t dream; we do,” said Hoke before also hinting at personalization as a key focus of the company in the future.Cheap Air Max 90 Shoes Outlet.Although Nike had not confirmed these releases, this new news stating that the shoes well also be accompanied by the OG box further proves that the rumors of the return could very well be true. Just in case you’re too young or never seen the OG Air Max 1 box before, check it out above. The classic look of the box consists of a bold Red lid and a striped base done in two shades of Grey. We really hope the shoes (and box) do end up releasing next month. It’d be nice to re-up on a fresh new pair.Cheap Air Max Trainers.

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