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Nike Air Max 95.Air Max is a highly sought after Nike classic series, the visibility of the air cushion design (Visible Air) created a Nike brand 25 years of legendary status, in the spring of 2013 launched a new Nike Air Max + 2013 design, remodeling Max Air cushion provides unprecedented lightness, softness and flexibility for runners. 2013 Valentine’s Day, Nike will be launched during the holiday Nike Air Max + 2013 pink running shoes. In addition, the country will also launch a number of stores over the same period the beautiful pink Valentine’s Day packaging, is to love sports his or her best Valentine’s Day gift. As early as 25 years ago, NIKE shoes with air-cushion shoes to rewrite the history. Runner put it, immediately there will be a different feeling, however, this key technology is hidden in the middle of foam shoes in the end, the consumer is invisible. By chance, NIKE, a designer in the sample found in the middle of the bubble sandwich sandwich removed from the mold when leaving some holes, there is a part of the air cushion unit.Air Max Sale Online. This discovery has changed the face of this industry. NIKE released in 1987 Air Max shoes, marks the beginning of visible technology. Since then, each generation of Air Max shoes on the basis of the previous improvements, providing a stronger cushioning, but also highlights the growing ability to innovate. Eventually, the revolution through the launch of the Air Max 360 reached a successful, this is the first pair of shoes without the end of the bubble. Is also based on this new Air Max unit, NIKE shoes designer Andrew Caine had inspired to create a revolutionary Air Max180 running shoes.Nike Air Max 2016.

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